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Saudi Classic 2018, the most prominent sporting event that highlights a range of individual and group of sports, is being held exclusively and with a variety of active events that will be announced in Consecutively in advertisements in various local and international media. All these activities are taking place in the city of Jeddah on the west coast of Saudi Arabia. Jeddah is the crossroads of civilizations around the world, and on its land will be the most prominent sporting event in accordance with the vision of 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  This vision pays attention to and care for a balanced lifestyle of the society which is the most important element of quality of life.

Saudi Classic 2018 is the Bodybuilding Competition Championship. It includes a special show of fitness, which will be held on the land of the Jeddah Forum Center, which will be followed by a series of events all members of the community are interested in and will be announced in turn, as mentioned above.